Andy Pettitte…

     Five strikeouts and one pickoff in the first two innings, against the only team that may be be experiencing more turmoil via the media than the Yankees.  I am not sure how well Pettitte will pitch this season, as I was a little skeptical going into the year (not that he would be bad, but that he might be less than what he has been).  But right now he is dominating in a game that was built around Johan pitching in the Bronx.  He IS a gamer. 


Note:  In 2005, a run scored 86% of the time, when there were runners at second and third with nobody out.  The play at the plate was very close, but with no one out, Damon should not have been sent.  Because to me it isn’t really whether he is safe or out, in a situation like this, it is how close the play is at the plate. 


Edit:  I spelled “Pettitte” wrong.


  1. joefromnewhampshire

    I was referring to the game I was watching on Saturday, where after two innings (when I wrote this) Pettite had 5k’s and one pickoff.

  2. joefromnewhampshire

    That was pretty cool I must say. I have never seen one all the way through, only the last inning of a few different ones. I was working when Buchholz did it last year so I only saw the last two innings or so.

  3. reidsmith

    Pettitte is starting off slow again. He always does this, and every year I think, ‘this is when the train finally comes off the tracks.’ But he manages to pull together a good second half, and there you go.

    Thanks for the comment on The Angry Bench Coach — that’s the new name. Keep ’em coming.


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