News and Notes from around the diamond…

     –  First off, no one has ever used anything even close to this title.  It is completely original, and I am actually thinking about getting a patent on it, or a copyright, whatever. 


     –  How long are the Brewers going to have faith in Gagne?  I actually doubt that they have much faith in him now, but they paid him so much that they are going to give him his shot, regardless.  The one year part of the contract was a great move, but the money is ridiculous given what we have seen from this closer lately.  It cannot be fatigue, and it probably isn’t a health issue at this point.  This has been happening since he arrived in Boston last season.  It also doesn’t help when a pitcher throws a straight 91 mph fastball, on a 3-1 count, to Fukudome in a tough spot.  Keith Law picked up on this, as did I, and probably most others who watched.  Gagne does have one save, but a closer cannot expect to keep his job converting only 33% of the save opportunities that he is given.


       I witnessed the first failure of Gagne’s, as mentioned.  I also went back, using MLB.TV, and watched his successful save against the Giants.  He started off nicely, and it appeared that he had some nice movement on his changeup.  But after, I believe it was Brian Bocock, was retired, his pitches seemed to begin to miss their spots again.  Just like last year.  Luckily, he was facing one of the worst lineups ever assembled, and even more convenient was the fact that he was facing the 8-9-1 hitters of that lineup.  Although I wouldn’t be very intimidated if I was facing the heart of the order on that Giants team.  Well, I might, but a big league closer probably wouldn’t.  But Gagne retired the side in order, and earned his first save.


       But how many more chances is he going to get?  The offense isn’t going to be able to pick him up every time he fails as they have done both times so far.  And I want him to do well.  He is one of the players that I enjoy watching.  He just doesn’t get it done anymore.  And eventually the Brewers may very well be paying $10 million for a mop up guy. 


     –  Daisuke Matsuzaka is pitching extremely well thus far.  His outing against the A’s was nothing short of dominant.  Granted, the A’s are not the most successful offense, but it wasn’t just the swings and misses.  It was the way his pitches looked, the confidence he displayed, and of course the box score.  One out short of seven innings, 9 K’s, 0BB, and one earned.  One pitch that he left up to Jack Cust.  Very few balls were hit well, and he was simply on top of his game.  Yesterday, was more of the same…at times.  This time he gave up zero runs, but he walked four, and seemed to lose a little bit of his control as the game went along.  I am not complaining by any means, but he ended up walking four.  Overall, he pitched well, he just seemed to revert back to last years version for a few innings.  Walking the leadoff hitter, getting into a bases loaded jam, etc.  But the Tigers did not hit the ball well off of him.  It was just the four walks.  The Tigers had a few weakly hit balls fall in for hits as well.  But he is definitely impressing me this season, even with his first few innings of jitters in Japan.


     –  Bonderman vs. Lester tonight.  Which Lester is going to show up?   




  1. Raoul

    I was impressed with Hughes first start against Toronto, he looked scary good. I don’t know what happened to him yesterday.

  2. joefromnewhampshire

    He is a rookie. I guess thats it. I watched his first start and I agree, he did pitch well, along with Mcgowan. But if he pitches well every other start and ends up league average, then it won’t be all that bad. Realistically, one cannot expect him to do much better, although he does have the capability to do so.

  3. kozmo

    Hughes’s problems this Spring, and so far early this season, have revolved around not locating his fastball. When he misses his spots with it, not only does he fall way behind in the count, but he also can’t make his off-speed stuff effective. I agree with Joe; he’s a kid. He’ll have ups and downs and struggle with his command. The game against Toronto was near the high end of what Hughes can do. I was very impressed with both him and McGowan. It’s good to see some well-pitched games in this era of offense, especially from young pitchers.

  4. mikeeff

    well finally a surge of thoughts…you must have finally poured that cup of coffee.

    the brewers should never have let cordero go. what was the problem? money? what is your take on that?

  5. joefromnewhampshire

    Cordero got a rather lengthy and expensive contract though. I just went and checked…Four years and $46 million. So I don’t mind that the Brewers let him walk. And I don’t mind that they signed Gagne to a one year deal. But they better have a backup plan in the minors that I don’t know about, or they are going to be in trouble. But we all know Gagne isn’t worth $10 million. That was how much they had to pay him to get him for one year though. If he continues to fail he will be gone after the year, which is the positive of a one year deal for a risky arm.

    I have been drinking Half caff. Maybe that is the reason I haven’t been blogging much. I have one decent size cup, but it has half the caffeine, so I usually don’t get very energetic from it.

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