MLB 2K8 came out recently and I built my team through its fantasy draft.  I resisted the urge to use the feature where I could draft 25 players before the computer begins its drafting, as interesting as I was in trotting out the 25 best players in baseball.  I chose the Royals as my franchise, hoping to bring them back to the promise land. 








     Matt Clement and Kei Igawa are my insurance/long relievers.  My bullpen is loaded, as a matter of fact the entire team is loaded. 








              Brian Roberts


              Joe (me)


              D. Lee

              Carlos Pena (LF)

              Mark Ellis

              Fortunato (Fukudome)


     This team is almost too good.  Even without myself, who I created of course, they would be loaded.  I have Matt Stairs, Scott Hatteberg, Jack Cust, John Mcdonald, and Geovany Soto on the bench.  And I actually didn’t make any trades, I built the team strictly through the draft and of course created one player. 

     But when playing the game it goes sour.  Building the team is fun.  But the "pro" difficulty is way too easy, and the "All star" difficulty is too hard.  During "pro" the opponents generally hit a bunch of weak ground balls.  And on pitches they should hit hard they fly out.  But on "all star" the computer seems to hit great pitches hard. pretty consistently too.  Nothing like an 0-2 curveball down and out of the zone that gets hit out of the park.  And it is nearly impossible, at least for me, to take a walk.  I hate how all of my hitters averages are identical with their OBP.  But the graphics are incredible once again.  I just wish the gameplay would catch up with the presentation. 




    awesome bullpen joe…i love the rotation as well, even with westbrook. not a bad # 5 .

    the line-up should be killer as well. reggie willits is such a great player and of course i love roberts , morneau and especially mauer. ( in my top 5 in all baseball)

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