And the Red Sox Sign…

     Former Cy Young winner, Bartolo Colon.   Undeserving of that award of course.  Let us jump into why he should not have won that award.  Well the best pitcher in baseball, who might very well still hold that spot on the rubber as we speak, Johan Santana was much better.  And I mean much better. 

     See, Johan had an Adjusted ERA of 155 that season, while Colon posted a 122.  Not all that close.  Johan threw eight more innings than Colon did, not much difference there.  But add in the fact that Johan struck out 238 batters, while Colon struck out only, and when I say "only" it is because of how many Johan took down.  Anyway, Colon struck out only 157.  But Colon had five more wins.  That’s right, Colon is victorious in a stat that isn’t even very important and ultimately ends up winning the award. 

     Johan got shafted, that is all I have to say. 

     Except this, the Sox signing of Colon was a good move that doesn’t involve much risk.  Except for Colon, who may or may not be able to throw a baseball anymore.  I hope he can, simply for the depth of the staff’s sake. 



    hey, speaking of that…that phrase ‘innings eater” it seemed like everyone beat that one to death this off-season. did you notice that too?

  2. joseph

    Yes. “Innings eater’s” have value, but it also depends on how well they are pitching while “eating” those innings.

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