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     –  I commend Andy Pettite for admitting his wrongdoing.  Everyone makes mistakes with varying degrees of those mistakes, and this does not define who he is.  I have always had respect for Pettite as a baseball player.  I don’t see everything, but he has always come off as someone who has handled himself well.  I do however feel that someone is cheating me and giving false information about the situation between he and Clemens.   Although it isn’t really cheating "me" singular, but cheating everyone.  Pettite should be able to come up with a better timetable of when he and Clemens did in fact discuss HGH, not just a three year period where it may have happened.  But maybe Pettite’s memory is just unreliable, it is possible I guess. 

     –  Buster Olney had a nice piece on Pat Burrell today.  There were excerpts from various scouts on Pat Burrell’s 2007 season.  Must be ESPN Insider.  Burrell is a pretty good player, far from great, but better than average.  He gets criticism for not being consistently what he is when he is at his best.  But he knows how to get on base, and hits for some power, just not as much power as fans want him too.  He takes plenty of walks, but strikes out just as much.  And as the scouts say within Olney’s blog, he cannot run or play D.  I agree with one of the scouts, DH seems like a nice fit. 

     –  I am so far removed from blogging consistently.  I feel out of whack.  But the season looms just around the corner, and my excitement is heating up as I speak, or should I say blog. 

     –  I saw this before Rob Neyer referred to it in his blog today, but Kason Gabbard may potentially be better than one scout (Keith Law) has indicated.  I watched Gabbard completely dominate the Royals last season.  He was very impressive, no doubt, but a lot of it was deception with that changeup.  And I did not want to think he was good as he appeared.  It was his first time around the league, and hitters needed to get a look at him.  Here is the link to the Gabbard Chronicles, I now regret the Gagne trade 🙂.  Even though this looks like we traded away a future ace, he is far from that I am sure.  He may be a nice back end of the rotation arm, but he will almost for sure be closer to the back, than the front.  Look at the company he shares within Joe Sheehan’s piece. 

     –  Did I say that I feel like my writing is garbage right now?  Oh well. 


  1. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    hey don’t be so hard on yourself; you’ll get back into the swing of things.

    i read that piece on gabbard and i actually thought to myself that you might weigh in on it. the bottom line on it is that it was a bad trade any way you look at it. i think it would have been unadvisable even if gagne hadn’t s-ucked; you guys really didn’t need him as it turned out. i can understand the fear that okajima had completely run out of gas for the whole season. luckily for the sox all he needed was that bit of rest. but really wasn’t delcarmen the 8th inning insurance policy?

    now you have the schilling situation…it would have been really nice to be able to plug gabbard in that spot, right?

    do you really feel cheated that you don’t have an exact date for those HGH chats? are you concerned enough to have read all the depositions?

  2. joseph

    No I dont really feel all that cheated. haha. But I feel like they should have been more sure of when it occurred. Seems to me that it would be pretty significant if they only spoke of it twice or whatever. But oh well.

    As for gabbard, I liked the trade because Gabbard was somewhat expendable. It wasn’t as if we were giving up significant pieces of our future to acquire what most of us thought to be a good reliever in Gagne. Turns out he wasnt good. Turns out that we have a good reason as to why he wasnt good now. Apparently it is more difficult to handle pressure situations when one is not roided up.

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