Without Curt Schilling the Red Sox will be fine…as long as they do not suffer too many injuries to the starting rotation.  With Schilling the Red Sox have six starters and Julian Tavarez…without Schilling they have five starters and Tavarez.  I feel good about it either way, but obviously I will feel better if Schilling can make a decent amount of starts this season.  Lester and Buchholz both have the potential to be better than Schilling would be this year, and they both may in fact be better.  But having Schilling insures that they can limit the innings of the youngsters, and Schilling too, as he is simply old in baseball terms.  And of course, once the postseason rolls around, and if the Red Sox are in it, I WANT Schilling on the mound.  He could be pitching with his arm hanging off and still manage a quality start in a big game.  But that being said the Sox will be good with or without Schilling.  But I do hope he can be a somewhat meaningful piece of the rotation this year.


  1. Jason

    I agree about Schilling’s injury, Joe. He lends a lot of confidence to the team with his presence and, to his credit, has somewhat reinvented himself as a pretty good finesse pitcher. That said, the Red Sox have other talented, though younger and less-experienced, pitchers in Lester and Buchholz to do the job adequately or better. This rightly doesn’t seem to have Red Sox fans or the organization in panic mode.

    I’m still curious about how all this unfolded in early February. I can’t help but think that this is not a new injury, but rather lingering arm trouble. Who knows, but it doesn’t add up that he just now made arm pain public, not to me anyway.


    well he passed his physical in november before he signed the new contract.

    i wonder how hard theo wold have gone after santana if he knew schilling was out for the year. ( if at all)


    I have heard that Schilling was forthright in his letting the Sox know he was injured. I don’t think the extent was realized. The Sox knew Schilling was injured when they were in the Santana mix. I feel they took a gamble he would heal.


    Schilling will be on the mound in the post season and he’ll pitch a gem.

    Of course the media will only focus on the “bloody armpit” and the jersey will be mounted next to the “bloody sock” at the Hall of Fame.

    I just hope to god that Schilling retires before next season when he develops hemmoroids.

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