What Happened to Albert Pujols?

     Nothing much is the answer.  He was still among the greats in the game, and there still may be no one I would rather build a team around than he.  But he seems to be lost in most discussions.  Perhaps it was because his team did not sniff the postseason.  But last time I checked it was difficult to qualify for postseason play when one’s team loses its "ace" to injury after only a single start.  And also because the team wasn’t all that good to begin with, however would have had a good shot at the division had Carpenter stayed healthy. 

     Before the season began, Pujols was thought of by most to be the best player in baseball, including myself.  He threw out six consecutive seasons with an "Adjusted OPS" greater then 150, make that seventh after this season.  Pujols belted 34+ homers in those six seasons, and posted an OBP of less than .400 only once, and that season it was .394.  He won one MVP award and should have won two (2006).  And did I mention this very important stat?  His age?  He is going to be celebrating his 28th birthday this upcoming January.  Which means that those six seasons mentioned, and the seventh being 2007, were his first seven seasons in the majors. 

    Pujols has won a Gold Glove (2006) and should probably have two sitting over his fireplace now (2007).  His line in the postseason you ask?  Well that is .323/.429/.593. 

     Albert Pujols is still as dominant a force in the game as there is, and he will continue to be.  He should not be forgotten, or even lost in the mix as a player (ARod) has one of the best seasons of all time.  And he probably shouldn’t be finishing 9th in any MVP voting as he is still the best player in the NL.


  1. Jason

    I agree, Joe. Pujols is tremendous, and it really goes to show how a team’s success, or lack thereof, can affect how people view the importance of the player, which is only somewhat fair. Pujols is as good as he has been the past several years, but the rest of the team really isn’t. Edmonds is nearing the end of his career and has been injury-prone, Rolen has as well and hasn’t hit well since his 2004 shoulder injury, they’ve lacked consistent production from role players, Encarnacion’s injury was horrible and took a good player away, and the pitching has been bad to awful. On a really good team in a big media market, Pujols would be everywhere, and people would be even more familiar with his future Hall of Famer. The guy can mash, and for average as well.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Joseph.


  2. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    good points from both of you…he did indeed get lost in the shuffle this year.

    one small point- they did indeed sniff the play-offs. in fact they even pulled within one game of taking the lead in the woebegone NL central until the HGH report on golden boy ankiel came out and he collapsed with the rest of the team.

    and yes, joe….have a good one tomorrow…good luck with your eagles.

  3. joseph

    “Sniffed” wasn’t the right word, I remember when they surged back. But they ended up seven games out as Baseball Reference so kindly reminded me with the click of a button.

    And my Eagles are probably going to be demolished, hopefully they can get a little closer than that 23 point spread.

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