Don’t Do It!

     If the New York Mets, for any reason, sign Alex Rodriguez to the ridiculous contract that he desires, then they will be making a large mistake.  If he could not help the Yankees win a World Series championship, then why would Minaya and co. think that the less talented Mets could be fitted for rings with him.  They need pitching, plain and simple. 

     They were seventh in the NL last season in ERA and they play their games in a pitcher friendly ballpark.  Did I mention that the NL is generally regarded as the inferior league?  Because I meant to.  It would be foolish to sign a player like Alex Rodriguez, who will tie up some of the payroll of even a large market team such as the Mets.  And they already have two potential superstars, who are already regarded as one of the five best at each of their positions.  One of them would have to make a position change in order to bring in Rodriguez.  Either that or Rodriguez may have to switch positions. 

     They may try and pursue the Blanton for Milledge trade that has been spoken of some.   Then sign another free agent pitcher or two (short term would be ideal) and wait until the next offseason, in hoping to land Santana or anyone really who can give a bunch them a bunch of quality innings on the hill 

     Don’t forget that the Mets were also fourth in runs scored this past season, and second on the road in runs scored.  They need to stay away from this mistake and focus on what is more important, and what they need more…PITCHING!



    i totally agree, but here’s the thing:
    the mets get a lot of pressure from the papers back home. there are alwayts more stories about the yanks than the mets. mets fans develop this sort of second class citizen mentality in new york,,,and their horrific collapse has NOT helped. the fan base wants a big splash. they also love anything that can be spun as atweak against the yankees. getting a-rof would satisfy all that. but you’re right…if they want a championship, they need pitching. minaya knows that.

    they aren’t going to sign a -rod


    i’ve just heard that santana IS going to be made available. so here’s a question:

    if you’re the red sox do you give up buchholz and ellsbury and some 3rd prospect for him?

    if you’re the yanks do you give up hughes and

    melky and some 3rd prospect?

    i say no to both

  3. joseph

    You know the media up there more so than I, but the Mets need to focus on bettering themselves and not worrying the Yankees. Maybe easier said than done, but there seems to be a slight leeway here where the Yankees are focusing on the future and probably won’t be the juggernaut of the past. And they will be good, but I don’t think the Mets will have to be compared to a 100 win team or anything like that this season. Paul has mentioned both of these guys in the past. I think the Mets should sign Silva, who will be overpaid, and is far from an ace. And have a package that features Milledge for Blanton. Blanton will stay in a pitchers park, where he thrived last year, and he will give them many innings, and should be better than average in the NL. In Silva’s past four seasons he has a pitched a minimum of 180 IP and that was in 06.’ Blanton has pitched a minimum of 194 innings in his past 3 years. Both pitchers are right in their prime and should be no worse than average pitchers who can throw 200 innings.

  4. joseph

    I wouldnt do that trade from my standpoint, no way. I actually heard a rumor from my Dad that he had heard up north. Lester, Buchholz, and Coco, for Santana. No way, two potential front end of the rotation starters who are cheap for what will become the highest paid pitcher in baseball.


    if it’s true what they are saying that billy beane might completely “reboot” the team this year, then who knows who might become available. the mets have serious pitching issues. maine and perez are only going to get better in my opinion but that’s only two guys. el duque is probably better off in the pen at his age ( and who knows how old is is anyway). he just can’t stay healthy for a whole season anymore.
    there doesn’t seem to be much enthusiasm for glavine at this point and the feeling seems to be mutual…he’s atlanta bound. but you know all this stuff.

    this is where i’m headed: they don’t actually have a lot of chips to trade with. pelfrey and humber seem to have actually LOST value after their meager contributions this year. and millege doth not a great package make…so i don’t see them as being able to get santana from the twinkies no matter how they might try.

    it’s sad when you think that silva is about as good as it gets on the market…and i thought last year was thin.

    regarding what your dad heard…that’s nuts. there is no reason to go two for one + coco. not with those two guys. your team is pretty much set anyway, why f***it up?

  6. joseph

    Exactly on the trade issue.

    About Santana, I meant wait and see if he is on the market after 08.’ Blanton and Silva should be enough to get back to the playoffs, do you agree? They would have Maine, Perez, Blanton, Silva, Pedro, and El Duque/Pelfrey. Hoping that one of those two aging veterans can give them a fifth starter. And Pedro should still be better than a fifth starter, but obviously health is a concern. Put it this way, out of those seven guys they should at least have five of them healthy making starts. And if all of them are healthy as you said, El Duque and I guess Pelfrey can come out of the pen.


    can you imagine what santana would go for on the open market if he has a year like 06? it would be beyond insane. i just have this feeling…and i grant you it’s no more than that…that santana is on his way down. he’s a smallish framed guy, and they don’t seem to last that well. i still think he”ll be good mind, just not great.
    it still astounds me to think what zito got. and at the time everyone thought he’d be great …wrong!

    you’re right. pedro will basically give them the 15 wins or so that glavine did, but they HAVE to get two more guys one way or another.

    and when you think about the marlins giving up on their best hitter…a hall of fame type guy. well it just makes me think why even bother to have a team. think about the studs they have given up

  8. joseph

    But a team like the Mets could afford Santana on the open market. And I have a feeling he will decline, but still be in the top 10, just not the absolute best. And remember when a pitcher goes to the NL they look like Hall of Famers, no matter who they are :).


    how about this stat i just read:

    Cabrera, who will turn 25 in the second week of the 2008 season, is a career .313 hitter with 138 homers and 523 RBIs.

    Rodriguez finished the season (1999) in which he turned 24 with a career average of .308 and 148 homers and 463 RBIs.

    You could add that Cabrera also has a World Series ring (contributing four homers and 12 RBIs to the Marlins’ 2003 postseason title run) — but why pile on?

  10. PAUL

    The Wilpons don’t pay the ARod kind of money to anyone, but the only way I could see it POSSIBLY happening is if the Mets whiff on every potential option to upgrade their pitching and become desperate as the Braves and Phillies improve themselves (the Phillies already have) and the Mets don’t. They could panic and go after ARod, play him at third, move David Wright to the outfield (with all due respect for his new piece of hardware, he’s NOT a Gold Glove third baseman yet) and configure things that way until 2009 when Wright or ARod could move to first base. I still think the Giants are going to swoop in on ARod like they did on Bonds in 1992.

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