Live Blog for World Series Game 3.

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A great AB by our future leadoff hitter for years to come.  Six pitches and an infield single to start the game.

And Troy Tulowitki unleashes his cannon to first but Pedroia barely beats the throw.  Two on and none out for the greatest hitter in the game, David Ortiz. 

Perfect first pitch strike by Josh Fogg.  Pinpoint location on that one.  Ortiz quickly works the count back into his favor, 2-1.  All four pitches have been kept down in this AB, which is a victory so far for Fogg.  And a nice pitch to get him swinging.  One down. 

I don’t see why everyone is making such a big deal about who to start out of Lowell, Youkilis, and Ortiz.  It is a no brainer for me, unless it would be against a tough lefty.  Ortiz is arguably the best hitter in the game, and would be playing the first base position.  And remember the first base position is an offensive position.  His offense brings more value than that of what he will bring defensively.  I am not saying Ortiz won’t make any significant mistakes there tonight, but the odds are he doesnt cost them the game with his glove.  And he may not make any mistakes over there.  And of course Lowell at third, as he is better defensively there than Youkilis. 

Manny pops out.  Two down. 

In steps Mike Lowell.  The other day in Rob Neyer’s chat he said that he does not like, for entertainment purposes, the aspect of working the pitcher.  He just thinks it isn’t as fun to watch as it was in the 80’s, when offense’s were not so intent on taking so many pitches.  In my opinion, I very much enjoy it when my [own] team is doing it.  And it is incredibly frustrating watching an opposing team to the same to our starting pitcher.  But overall, I like the approach, even from an entertainment standpoint.  However, it is cool when guys like Cano are mixed in, and he aggressively chases after seemingly every pitch thrown.

I attempted this live blog, but am finished now.  It is tough to concentrate on each pitch, as I sometimes like to do.



    all hail jacoby ellsbury and dustin pedroia is all i have to say

    but if you want to have an open thread like the HDLR tonight for the sweep…i’d love to join in

    i’ll check in with you later


    PS you must not have seen much of cano after the all-star break; he’s been MUCH more patient…good thing for us…he was truly flailing away the first few months…


    now vlad…that truly is a treat ; somehow watching him get a hit off a ball a foot outside…or even almost in the dirt…


    steve…you guys have a truly amazing guy at second base…

    i think both our teams are pretty lucky in that position.


    funny comment from S.I.

    • Jacoby Ellsbury … I like his future.

    • As for Coco Crisp, I hope he’s renting.


    Well Joe, we were called dumb all year, I guess this is venditiculation for us.

    So, are you doing a live blog of Game 5 or not?


    1st inning.
    Ellsbury leading off. 1-2 count. Hard hit left field, he makes the turn going for two. Here’s the throw, the slide, he’s safe! Wow, his trousers got caught on the bag, he’s up, they’re down around his knees, he calls time. Oh my god, he’s wearing diapers! Break to commercial! Break to commercial!


    Welcome back, Pedroia swung hard and grounded out to the catcher. One out and one on for Big Papi. First pitch…OHH ! Beaned in the noggin. He takes his base, hard to tell if there’s any swelling. Manny steps into the box, first pitch…middle of the lower back.. Manny is his up, bat in hand, he’s charging the mound, Francis has another ball where did that come from? He winds up, Manny is nailed in the nuts. His down for the count. Here comes the Boston dugout. Wait! Francis has a bag of balls under his shirt…he’s firing from the mound. Varitek down, Crisp down. Looks like a change-up got Drew, well it would have anyway. The infield is littered with Red Sox. Oh the humanity!


    You’re right, this live blogging stinks, no way to enjoy a game with all this typing.

    Hey, the cops in Denver are big….



    hey it’s good to see at least one of you guys celebrating…congrats on that if you didn’t get my email raoul…


    “…At this rate you ought to be writing your own blog”

    I think I will do my own mlb blog next season.

    But, I’ll want it to be unique, unlike anything out there.

    I have already thought of a name, ‘Coffee and Donuts’

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