Early Morning Thoughts.

     Is there anyone else that one would want taking the mound in a playoff game than Curt Schilling right now?  Ok, Josh Beckett is one, and there are others.  But Schilling’s stuff just wasn’t what it was, yet he still found a way to shut out the Angels through seven innings.  Like the guy or not, either way he gets it done, with or without your (the readers) admiration in big spots. 

     David Ortiz has reached base in eleven of thirteen plate appearences.  He is truly a remarkable offensive force in this game.  He [does] seem to elevate his game come playoff time.  I don’t want to get into the whole "clutch" argument again, but he has been extraordinary in the playoffs lately. 

     Game 4 between the Yankees and the Indians tonight.  And Paul Byrd takes the mound.  What is better:  Byrd on several days rest or Sabathia on three days rest?  I mean it sets the Indians up for game five, having an advantage I guess (CC to start, Carmona to finish, if needed?).  But the Yankees have a good shot at forcing game 5, and they will gladly accept that. 


  1. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    oh come on…the angels limped into that series as a broken down wreck. if they hadn’t swept them it would have been pathetic.

  2. joseph

    They were banged up, but they still threw their three best starters at us, and they still had there bullpen in tact. They scored four total runs, and one was basically meaningless. It was complete domination, and give the Red Sox credit for that, rather than saying that not sweeping a team, which is hard to do no matter who they are playing, would have been pathetic.

  3. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    i thought that might wake you up 🙂

    just busting your chops a bit buddy. your team looked spectacular in almost every way. i told you schilling would be “the guy” and big papi is a force of nature.

    do i think the angels came in at about 40% ? yes. but that doesn’t take away anything from you guys.

  4. J

    Looks like the Byrd gamble paid off. It was a gutsy move, and could have backfired, but, instead, Byrd defied expectations.

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