Nothing Tops the MLB Playoffs.

     Wow…What a great night of baseball!   Sorry to sound generic.  Manny absolutely demolished that baseball.  I will start with the Yankees game though, let my excitement cool down a little.  I may not be as ecstatic as some Red Sox fans, as I felt like they were in control even with the game tied, being at home and all.  Just a feeling though. 

     Fausto Carmona…I believe in you.  Keith Law, I believe, projects you to be a number 2 starter.  And that may be.  Maybe you will not be an ace, but you have awesome stuff, and have now proven it on baseball’s biggest stage (He may be an ace as Keith Law has knowledge, but is not omnipotent).  I have twice watched Carmona pitch nine innings this season, once against the Red Sox earlier in the year, and now against the Yankees.  And both times I was thoroughly impressed.  So the Yankees bats had good reason to struggle tonight.  Melky Cabrera belted a hanging slider, and that was it. 

     What cannot be ignored is the pitcher on the other side though.  Pettite was very good.  Sure he gave up some hits and allowed nine total baserunners in just over six innings (6.1) and Carmona ultimately pitched better against an even better lineup.  But Pettite left with the lead and had not given up a run on the night.  What more can you ask for?  Pettite may not be [great] statistically in the postseason, in relation to say, Bob Gibson, but he has definitely been good.

     Now to the thriller…The other thriller I mean.  Manny, as I mentioned, struck that ball as well as one could.  But remember, there was something else that was dominant tonight.  It was our seemingly inept bullpen down the stretch.  The one that suffered from fatigue, ineffectiveness, and Eric Gagne, who may have been the ineffectiveness that I speak of.  Four and a third innings thrown without a hit and two total walks, both issued by the one guy who can get out of trouble with what seems like relative ease, Papelbon.  Now, I do not condone walks, and obviously his job would have been easier without them, but I would rather him give them up, then anyone else in the pen.   

     Matsuzaka was ok.  Ortiz reached base five times.   But the story was Manny…and that dominant bullpen. 




    well in case you didn’t get my comments on BPS, congrats on a great game by your team. rock solid performance by the pen and classic walkoff; this time courtesy of manny.
    you must be feeling pretty good about your team, and i don’t blame you.

    i was a bit surprised to see pap in the 8th with a tie game, but it worked out ok for you guys. still don’t agree with the move.

    i meant to suggest that you do an open thread for your game as i would have happily joined in, but i forgot to mention it in the HDLR.

    i wonder how the game would have turned out had that kid not caught that ball off of mathis. the same probably…

  2. joseph

    I was actually thinking about doing a live blog for that Yankees-Indians game, but decided not to. I didn’t care if people showed up much, as Jason already had his blog open, just wanted to do it for fun I guess.

  3. Jason

    You have to feel good about where the Red Sox are right now, Joe. They’ve played well.

    It’s true about Pettite’s post-season numbers overall, because he’s pitched in so many October games that he’s had a few downers. But I think he’s been better than “good” on the whole. Game 5 of the ’96 WS was a masterpiece, and last night’s game wasn’t far behind.

  4. joseph

    Well, his overall ERA is at 3.96 now over 35 games, and I know he has had great games, but he has also had bad outings. And overall, not questioning his mentality, he has been [good] I think. But if we are debating good and great it should be a win-win situation for you as watching him pitch in the postseason is something I am sure you have grown fond of.

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