Hanley Ramirez is good, but not this good.

     Josh Beckett was nothing short of phenomenal tonight.  Nothing more spectacular than dominant postseason performances on the mound, in baseball terms of course.  I mean really, his fastball was dominating.  He weaved it in and out, up and down, side to side, kept it wide.  Beckett’s final line: CG, 4H, 8K, 0BB, repeat zero walks.  And he totaled 108 pitches, 83 were strikes!  And as the announcers kept repeating, he established the strike early in counts.  And by early, I mean on the first pitch.  At one point, after giving up a leadoff hit to Figgins in the first, Beckett retired 19 straight batters.  I was in awe much of the night.  And I know that the Angels were banged up some, but the performance would have been great against the Royals.  And this lineup was better than that of the Royals. 



  1. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    well i can’t remember seeing such an awe-inspiring performance. ever.

    he’s turned into a real winner.

    he could have beaten anyone tonight

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