Sweet Home Colorado.

     For all of you who think Colorado has been affected greatly by those humidors, here are the differences in Home OPS compared to road OPS, among the eight everyday players in the Rockies lineup.

Torrealba:  +.177 (percentage points greater than that of their road OPS)

Helton:  +.132

Matsui:  +.224

Atkins:  +.146

Tulowitki:  +.243

Holliday:  +.199

Taveras:  +.54

Hawpe:  +.174 

     This is an average, of a player in the starting lineup’s OPS being 168 percentage points higher at home, than on the road. 

     As far as the whole offense is concerned, the difference between the cumulative (team) Home and Road OPS’ are greatest in Colorado.  It is .119 points at higher at home in Colorado than that of in the away games.  The next highest team is Arizona which is a difference of .83.  The average difference is .48, meaning that Colorado’s split is .71 points higher than the average. 

     Not to mention the staff ERA at home is 4.29, and on the road it is 4.39, which isn’t a huge difference, but still it is better on the road.  They are fourth in ERA in the NL on the road, but fall to 12th at home.

     Just take this into consideration when the balloting takes place. 


  1. raoul_oba@hotmail.com

    Joseph, I got a response from your dad about how he ‘acquired’ the Fenway sign. He was only 17 at the time…

    “This isn’t trivia. If I don’t know the answer to this it would be more like dementia. The sign said “HOUS” for the Houston Astros (The were the Houston Colt 45s before that). They are now selling the seats out in centerfield at Fenway (redoing and waterproofing the bleacher area) for $550 a pair as they rip them out. These seats were installed in the late 70s. That sign was at least circa 1967 and maybe alot older. Funny thing. If there was no wild card we would have had to beat the Twins again this year on the last day to clinch 1st place again 40 years later (Cleveland would be in the same division and we would have needed 1 more win or have a 1 game playoff). The party we had the other night would have been “The Yankee Elimination Party” as they would have been knocked out for good. We watched the 1st 7 innings of that game from up on the top of the sign across the street (kinda like being in the Monster seats only up higher and 40 feet further back. Back then they opened the gates to everyone in the 8th inning. We went in and stood behind the bullpen to watch the end. Then we jumped into the bullpen and then ran out onto the field after and got the sign off the wall. It wouldn’t fit in the ’64 Valiant we had so we drove back to NH with it sticking out both rear windows. Good thing we didn’t have to stop quick (no seat belts either). We painted a sign on 6′ x6′ canvas that had a 2′ diameter baseball on it and read “HEY YAZ! HIT THIS!” and I have seen film of it on TV. We had it hanging down over the front of the sign that we were watching the game from. Quite a day! “

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