Fly Eagles Fly, right into the cellar of the NFL.

     The more I watch Donovan McNabb, the more I want his tenure to end in Philadelphia.  I like Mcnabb, don’t get me wrong.  But I don’t believe he is a Super Bowl quarterback.  He threw a ball several feet away from a wide open Kevin Curtis that would have been a touchdown with under two minutes left.  He doesn’t have the mentality to get it done in the largest of situations.  Peyton Manning would have completed that pass.  Tom Brady would have completed that pass.  And sure the Eagles receivers dropped some passes tonight, but once again Donovan McNabb threw errant passes on multiple occasions.  And once again he could not get the ball in the end zone when he had to.  Anyone reading this who watches football, please tell me the last time Mcnabb put the ball in the end zone when he needed to tie or win a game.  He can’t do it.  His athletic ability will always  be on the decline and his mentality may never change.  So I understand if the Eagles organization want to go in a different direction at Quarterback.  I haven’t given up on the season, but my feelings toward McNabb have been developing for several years now.  Hopefully, he can at least help keep this team in contention.   

     The Red Sox dropped a game to Toronto, against what may be a very good pitcher in Dustin Mcgowan.  It was somewhat meaningless, because of the Wild Card, but I would rather them win, no matter what the situation is, of course.  Mcgowan has good stuff, the Red Sox hitters seemed lost at times, and the box score backs me up on this.  I don’t know how good Mcgowan is projected to be, but he seems to be headed in the right direction. 

     This is Tim Wakefield.  Any of you analysts trying to sound like that of a genius, trying to include Wakefield in the Cy Young race, seem to be oblivious to the sport that is baseball.  Then, his base ERA was 4.22, but he had those precious wins that all of the voters seem to justify as, well, meaningful.  They may mean something because the better one pitches, the greater the chance of earning a win.  But aside from that, Wakefield now has an ERA of 4.73.  He wasn’t terrible tonight by any means.  But he is an average starter, whose value increases because he is our [fourth] starter.  But with this type of payroll, we can upgrade in the future.  Or try and find an upgrade of a personal catcher for him, and as our backup, that can hit the ball with some regularity, as far as backup catchers are concerned.  How a backup catcher works with the staff is more important, but I am sure they can find someone who will be more productive on the offensive side of the ball than Doug Mirabelli or Kevin Cash. 



    mcgowan is the real deal in my opinion. i’ve seen him pitch several times this year. the yanks did manage to beat him on this past roadtrip, but he really held us to almost nothing the time before that. i was at yankee stadium and of course was watching the sox and the tigers scores…and indeed i was wondering who the pitchers were in you guys game.

    a somewhat meaningless game? i admire your unfazed demeanor


    meaningless game – I don’t want to speak for Joe.
    Meaningless game to me means the Yankees have won the season series so a Division championship is somewhat tarnished.

    Boston needs to win 4 of their remaining 11 games to elimate Detroit and take our usual wildcard position.

    They should just do away with the term ‘wildcard’ in the AL each season and label it:

    East Champion

    Central Champion

    West Champion



    don’t worry raoul, i think you’ll still be celebrating at the end of the month
    –but with that bag on your head 🙂

  4. joseph

    I know we want to win the season series against the Yankees, but it is how you do against everyone, not just them. They won the series 10-8 too, it isn’t as if it was 16-2. Playoffs are starting soon though. And football season may be over if McNabb cannot throw a pass to an open receiver.


    I realize the Division Championship is not just based on your yankee season record.

    If that were the case, then as the Yankees were accepting the trophy, Baltimore would be tapping them on the shoulder saying,

    “…uh, excuse me…”


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