That’s What I’m Talking About!

     So Eric Gagne’s struggles continued last night.  I was watching the game, or maybe I should say reading the game in MLB’s "Gameday," and the Sox gained the lead in the bottom of the eighth.  And I knew it was Gagne coming in.  Papelbon and Okajima had been used earlier in the day during game 1.  Delcarmen had been used in the top of the eighth, so he wasn’t going to pitch another inning, especially since he was ineffective.  So Gagne comes in and I had to look at runs crossing the plate in alphabet form.  I was very upset, I must say.  The Yankees had already won and we could have stayed six games up on them.  But Gagne pulled another "Byung Yung Kim" and blew a critical situation.  But there was a positive in this game.  The Red Sox fought back and hit in the clutch, that is very enlightening.  In June they would have lost this game 4-0.  In April they would have won 5-4.  But yesterday they lost, however,  showed signs of life and fight in the process.  Not to mention, hit well against one of the best bullpens in the game.

     I know that Jason Giambi wasn’t suspended for his admittance to using PED’s.  I was watching some of the obnoxious, semi-entertaining "Around the Horn" writers debate it the other day.  And I was kind of torn on the subject of him being disciplined.  On one had, as Marrioti pointed out, he admitted to using and should be suspended, Jay thinks.  I can see his point of view.  But I can also see the rest of the panel’s point, which was "He should not be disciplined because it will cause other players to withhold their PED use."  This second view I do agree with somewhat, but how many athletes, that are currently playing, are going to come out and admit their usage as Giambi did?  I mean [no one] else may do it.  Giambi may be the last one to do so.  Retired players, or when a player retires,  may admit their indulgence, but I highly doubt that anyone else admits to using, unless they fail a drug test.  And at that point, the truth will be out anyway.  So Selig could go either way on this, maybe this is one of those times where a seemingly meaningless fine should be placed on Giambi, just to have some kind of penalty.  $50,000 or something close to that.  Then he still gets to play, and it isn’t too extravagant of a penalty.  I don’t know what the legality of fining a player in this situation would be, just a thought though. 

     Chris B Young has five home runs in the past five games with the completion of tonights lopsided victory against the Braves, in which he actually went hitless.  His OBP is actually below .300 over the course of the season, and his OPS+ is below average.  But he has yet to turn 23.  He is learning the game, and should be a fine player for years to come. 

     Clay Buchholz started the first game of his career yesterday.  I didn’t get to see it because of work.  And I would have gone back to watch it, but my new T1 connection is garbage.  Maybe the company should get in touch with "Cyberdyne" to ensure a technological upgrade.  After all if they can create a computer chip that can cause the world to end, then they can probably give me some bandwidth to work with. 

     Speaking of rocking a good bullpen, the Red Sox duplicated last nights feat and earned a "W" in the process on this night.  I wouldn’t have used Papelbon with a five run lead against the bottom three in the order tonight.  But they did. 



    Joe, why do you continue to post ‘over there’?

    It is evident to me that you are not welcome. You do however seem to provide an outlet for someone’s frustration. Why put yourself through that.

    When that team loses by a run, ‘they aren’t fit to wear the uniform’ and when they win, everything is all smiles.

    She is going to make some man very miserable someday.


    joe, ( and raoul), for what it’s worth i enjoy your comments on any of the blogs we all seem to frequent. i know sometimes i might say things on BPS to bust your chops, but i hope you know it’s all in good fun. joe you have one of the most interesting and thoughtful blogs around…that’s why i read and comment here. anyway….
    so i went to the dodger game with 4 friends last night and like i told you, i wasn’t sure how much i’d actually enjoy a game where the outcome meant nothing to me, but i gotta tell you, that i had a blast and totally got into it with the crowd we were all cheering away like it was yankee stadium. the place was beautiful …unfortunately the dodgers lost in the bottom of the 14th.

    kinda nice though to be able to get in the car afterwards after having screaming like a life-long dodgers fan and not caring at all about the outcome.

    what will be maybe a bit strange will be my trip on monday to see the yanks in anaheim. i’ll really be in the minority there, and i’m going with a huge yanks fan and a mets fan.

    later man…mike


    PS whether the sox win or lose today, would you guys mind wearing out the angels bullpen as a favor to me?


    I see Boston dumped Willy Mo on DC.

    Let’s see, three games with the Nats….

    .455 (11)AB (5)Hits 4(Runs) (2)HR

  5. joseph

    perfect situation really, they have time to let him develop. Although with him and Kearns in their future there will be plenty of striking out.

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