I think Dice-K must have thought a quality start was six runs in six innings, rather than 3 runs.  And Andy Sonnanstine has two-hit us over 5 innings.  And did I mention that this is Tampa Bay?  It isn’t over, but this is a garbage performance on both sides of the ball.  Even if Sonnanstine is pitching well today, we still should have managed a few runs off of him, or at least more than two hits. 


  1. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    08/15/2007 2:36 PM ET
    Notes: Friday’s Game 2 starter unknown

    Buchholz a candidate to start, but Francona won’t commit

  2. joseph

    It looks like they are leaning toward starting him. Makes sense to me, we need a jolt, I also want Ellsbury up as soon as we can. Energy can be contagious right?

  3. joseph

    Not going well. School starts next week I am going to try and switch to tea again starting Sunday. Too much caffeine is not good, for me anyway.

    And as for the Rays, I know they have some bats, but they are still ninth in runs scored in the AL, and ninth in OBP. And I know they are young and getting better. They will get better. But in the month of July they were still 9th in runs scored and so far this month they are 11th. I guess if the young bats click at the right time then they can put up some runs. But Dice-K has to give us a chance to win in a game like this, especially with Bedard on the hill. Now I know they are probably not thinking all that much about who is on the hill for the team that is opposing the Yankees, but I was. Bedard is awesome. I really felt we had a chance to gain a game. Of course the orioles won in a different way, but Bedard was lights out…again.

  4. joseph

    By the waqy when their careers are all said and done, who do you think will be better: Bedard or Verlander? I guess I would lean toward Verlander because he is 24, while Bedard is actually 28. Right now it is Bedard. But Verlander is going to have two good years under his belt before he even turns 25, something Bedard did not have.

  5. Jason

    The future is always very difficult to predict, but I’d also base the judgment of Verlander versus Bedard on a few other factors. Where they play right now is huge, with Comerica a far better pitchers park than Camden Yards. Verlander also has the benefit of pitching to Pudge, a future Hall of Famer and well known for calling a good game. Verlander is also bigger and has room to grow into his body, while Bedard is of moderate size and throws a lot of curves, which can wear down the arm. But Bedard is really sharp, can throw well into right-handed hitters, and is very poised and polished. He’s really excellent. The Orioles have a ways to go before contending for the playoffs, which is unfortunate for Bedard, who would be a tremendous asset for a better team.

    In sum, I don’t know, but I’d give the nod for the long-term to Verlander. Detroit has it’s act together as a franchise more than Baltimore right now, as well.

  6. joseph

    I actually believe that the orioles could be closer to contending than people think. I know their front office is garbage, but I was just looking through their team stats amongst AL teams. Here is what we would expect: The staters ERA is second in the AL, and they may be a mature Daniel Cabrera away from being even scarier. Their offense is 8th in runs scored, 6th in OBP. A bat away from having enough on offense. The main problem is there terrible bullpen, which is 12th in ERA. If they made the right moves in this upcoming offseason they could be over .500. Maybe they could sign Gagne, and another arm in the pen and maybe one of those available center fielders. The difference between them and the Blue Jays is that next year they will have a rotation of consisting of Bedard, Guthrie, Loewen, Cabrera, and whoever fills in the fifth spot (Trachsel, Benson, Wright, Burres). I dont know much about their farm system and dont know long those guys are under contract above in parentheses, but their team is built around young pitching. That is where all teams should start. Unfortunately they are in the AL East and our two teams are also developing young pitchers. But this is where the Blue Jays should have been before they signed guys like Glaus, Thomas, and BJ Ryan in my opinion.

  7. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    you’re right about getting an influx of energy from the young guys. it has made a huge difference in the yankee dugout…which truth be told is very similar to the sox…highly paid aging vets who maybe could use a kick in the pants.
    good question about bedard vs verlander. if i could have one on my team right NOW and say, the next two years, i’d take bedard in a second. over the long haul i’d probably take verlander as well. J makes a good point about the curve taking a toll on his arm.

    next season baltimore could me a major force to consider, if they get a big bat and reinforce the bullpen. they spent a lot this year on the pen with obviously mixed results.

    i heard the other day that loewen is only a maybe to come back next year.

    i could see them giving both our teams a lot of trouble next year.

    i’m off to LA to see the yanks play the halos for my birthday.,..gonna also take in a dodgers game on saturday night…i’ve never been to dodger stadium. i don’t really care one way or the other about them or any other NL team, but it should be fun to be there with a bunch of friends.

  8. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    thanks man, i’ll be checking in here and with my other usual blogs while i’m away. i’m sure you’re psyched to see buckholz pitch today, so enjoy the game!

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