I Just Don’t Know.

     I am not going to come out and blatantly accuse anyone of doing anything.  As we are all aware, as fans, performance enhancers have been very much a part of baseball in recent years.  Whether it is steroids, or amphetamines, that is beside the point.  They both aid in success and recovery.  They both are illegal in both the real world, and the baseball world.  And there should be little surprise that some players may be still be using, even with the new drug testing program in place.  But there are a few particular seasons that I would like to take a closer look at.  Again, I am not trying to anger anyone nor do I have any "real" evidence.  These monthly splits just baffle me a little.  And they are all good players or have been in the past at least, that is no coincidence, as I tend to research good players more frequently for personal reasons.  Here they are by monthly OPS. 

          Player A                         Player B                         Player C

April    1.350                                   .768                                 1.297

May       .837                                   .552                                  .783

June    1.179                                   .962                                 1.281

July       .811                                   .613                                  .923


     I have absolutely no real idea as to why this is.  But it raises my eyebrows a little bit.  I tried to find evidence that the entire league was doing better in April and June but it was fairly consistent throughout each month.  This could be due to two things:  If PED’s were being used in the months of April and June then pitchers would be on them too.  Making everything go back "on a level playing field again."  And the second thing, is that with testing nowadays, there may be only a dozen or so players that have found a way to beat the system…or care to.  And with so few players using, their performance would not effect the league’s total numbers all that much.  Now maybe I am wrong all together, but I feel like players should not be this inconsistent from one month to the next.  It is mind boggling. 

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