More Well Thought Out Ramblings.

     Dice-K must be frustrated lately to some extent.  Sure, he is placing his team in a position to win ballgames, which is a very positive contribution.  However, in Matsuzaka’s past five starts the offense has only given him five total runs.  Over these five starts he carries a 2-2 record, with one ND. 

     The fact that he is pitching so well is what really matters, because the offense will be fine in the long run as long as A)  Drew continues to slowly make his way back up to his career numbers, plus stays healthy B)  Someone can play SS and give us some production there.  Alex Cora is solid on defense, but has a career OBP of .311.  That is not acceptable for a player that is not Adam Everett.  I mean Lugo is better than that of what Cora has shown in past years, if he ever gets going, which seems less and less likely by each plate appearance.  I wonder what the Orioles would want for Tejada? 

      Back to Matsuzaka.  Earlier in the season he was getting a bunch of run support and earned wins even in relatively poor performances.  Right now though he currently resides at 21st in the AL, and who else but Pettite falls in to place next, at 22nd (minimum 60 IP).  So he is definitely not getting enough runs of late, but has had enough over the season, showing that by seasons end he will probably have had enough to get him however many wins he deserves. 

      The Sox as a team average 5.69 runs a game at home and 4.45 runs a game on the road.  That is an enormous difference.  Part of it may be because they feel more comfortable at home and all the psychological stuff, but most of it is probably because this team is built for Fenway.  For instance, Mike Lowell is batting .366 at home this season and only .231 on the road.  Pedroia is hitting .36 points higher at home.  Youkilis .21 points higher.  Hitters like Manny, Ortiz and Drew could play and have success in any ballpark.  But the ones I mentioned above have a significant advantage at home in Fenway, I believe anyway.  Let us not judge Pedroia so harsh yet, however.  And I am not stating that the players mentioned above wouldn’t have value elsewhere, just saying that their offensive value would diminish at least a little in most other ballparks. 



    i wouldn’t be at all critical of pedroia. he’s obviously improved dramatically and i suspect that he might be one of those young players that might be great for you guys for years

  2. joseph

    I like Pedroia a lot, just used him as a reference being a pull hitter, whose average is better at home…and who doesnt have a ton of power, which turns fly balls into doubles. But yes, I do think he is good and I love his energy, and his defense, so far.


    speaking of pedroia’s defense, do you remember that amazing catch he made in the first yankee series at fenway when he robbed phelps of an RBI?

  4. joseph

    Fly balls that in some other parks would be outs, but in Fenway are turned into doubles because they hit off the “Green Monster.” And don’t take what I wrote the wrong way, I like Pedroia and he has played very well this season, better than many expected, including myself.

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