Coherent Thoughts.

-The Royals must be intrigued by what they saw last night.  They went on the road and beat Ervin Santana, who is normally deadly at home.  And they didn’t just beat him, they made him feel bad about himself in the process.  Santana’s career ERA at home is 3.16.  But on the road it is 6.72.  I just found out that it was this big of a difference.  Unbelievable really.  I had known that he struggles on the road, but was not aware that it was this drastic.  Anyway, they rocked Ervin.  Best of all though, Billy Butler and Alex Gordon went yard in the same game.  Lets be realistic, they are the Kansas City Royals’ future right now.  Two position players who have superstar capability, Gordon even more so.  Teamed up of course with Gil Meche who is surprising a lot of people this season, including myself.  I criticized Meche’s signing at first, but then slowly came around to it for reasons I have mentioned in a past blog. 

-The Red Sox lost again to Seattle.  Did I mention that I didn’t feel comfortable going into this series?  No, I didnt mention that but should have.  I thought for sure they would beat Jeff Weaver on Monday, but they lost.  Last night, I didn’t feel comfortable at all and they actually played it closer than I expected.  And today, Matsusaka gets the nod.  Seattle hit the ball very hard off Dice-K in the first matchup this season.  I think Kenji is telling everyone all of Dice-K’s secrets.  Dice-K is a better pitcher now, but he cannot be walking numerous batters.  The Mariners are 41-33.  How unexpected is that?  In my predictions before the season, I mentioned that if everything came together, and I mean everything, then they had a chance.  But King Felix has been struggling, somewhat.  A 4.33 Era and injury problems for possibly the best pitcher in the league in a few years isn’t living up to expectations this year.  I figured if Hernandez pitched like he were supposed to and everyone else played up to their capabilities, including Adrian Beltre, then they might have an outside chance.  But they are surprising everyone.  I don’t think that they will hold up for the long run.  Well, at this point they may end up over .500, but if they win say 85 games, they would still probably finish ten games out of their division, and seven out of the wild card. 

-The Yankees were beaten by the orioles.  I do not know much about Jeremy Guthrie except that he is a rookie and is 4-1 with a 2.45 ERA.  The Orioles have to be optimistic, right?  In a few years they will have Loewen, Bedard, Cabrera, and Guthrie.  Now I dont know how good Guthrie will be, but the other three arms should be pretty productive.  Especially Bedard, who should be an ace.  I really think they should find a way to unload Tejada’s contract. 

-It is pretty obvious that unless some kind of dramatic turn around happens in the Bronx, that Torre will be gone after the season.  So part ways now and hope that it helps.  If nothing else, if they turn to say Girardi, then he will get a feel for the job the rest of the season. 

-I want Lester to come up.  Tavarez showed us the other day that he is not that good of a pitcher.  He isn’t bad by any means either.  I give a bunch of credit to Julian for what he has done this season.  He exceeded my expectations and many others.  But Lester has much more upside.  And with the NBA Draft coming up, "upside" is big time.  If Lester is ready then make the move, because it will also be nice having a lefty thrown into the mix.  Until Schilling returns that is.  Then demote Tavarez to the bullpen or trade him if needed when the rotation gets back to full health.  Of course, no sudden moves should be made until they think Lester can A)  Pitch long enough into games.  B)  Pitch effectively.  C)  Schilling is healthy.  I would like to keep Tavarez in the bullpen mainly as insurance for the rotation if Gabbard isn’t good enough to turn to for spot starts.  I want to have a "sixth" starter as I have made clear in the past.  Having a pitcher to turn to due to an injury in the rotation or for a double header is an asset.  But ultimately I really want the rotation to be Beckett, Schilling, Matsusaka, Lester, and Wakefield.  Once again though, Tavarez has pitched effective enough and should be commended. 

-I do like the Orioles to win tonight.  Clemens vs.  Bedard.  Bedard is better than Clemens.   We will see what happens though. 



    i had hoped that the yanks would get meche during the off-season, but i had no idea he’d be as good as he’s been…again same with the mariners. they’ve been playing well above expectations which reminds me of my team. playing well below anyone’s guess. the indians lost a gem when they let guthrie go…and for sowers no less. but as they say: that’s baseball.
    i watched the sox and the mariners last night and i gotta give your guys credit. they fight to the last man; in contrast to what i’d watched in camden yard earlier.


    sad statistic: Yankees relievers have walked 138, the most in the majors. They have struck out 162, 25th in the majors

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