Road Trip Going Well So Far.

     I enjoy this years Josh Beckett by a significant margin over last year’s.  Jake Peavy is very good too, but was tagged with the loss on this day.  It wasn’t the three earned runs in the third that knocked Peavy out of the game after five.  It was the 111 pitches he threw over only five innings.  Beckett threw 116 over eight innings.

     Does Beckett beating Peavy mean he is better?  Heck no.  But if Peavy pitched in Fenway (away from Petco) and in the AL, then his ERA would be much closer to Beckett’s.  I don’t know exactly how it would translate into the AL.  Of course Peavy’s ERA is at 0.88 on the road this year.  But over his career it is over a half of run better at home.  I don’t know how long Petco has been in existence, but do know that it is a bonafide pitchers park.

     And to be even more fair, Peavy was facing a better lineup.  Which leads me to the question, does this Padres team have enough offense to compete come playoff time?  That 1-2 punch of Peavy and Young is tough to matchup with.  But there lineup only has one scary bat in Adrian Gonzalez.     I understand it is tough to hit at home where their home OBP is .305.  But it is only at .329 on the road, which would be just about average.  I think it is safe to say that they probably need to make a move for a bat.

     The Giants have won the series against the Yankees.  That was surprising, especially since they lost the game that Cain pitched on Friday.  Clemens in relief was another added surprise.  Maybe they did it for publicity agianst Bonds. 


  1. jonathan

    11.5 games not bad…yanks had both of thier aces going in a series vs a team that had lost 8 in a row..


    yeah my team was beyond lame is SF…
    i think you’re right…peavy hasn’t really had to face a line-up anywhere near as formidable as the sox this year…he did pretty well but the results do speak for themselves. your point about the playoffs is well taken. i think they will be there but it’s hard to see them taking the mets for example to make it to the series, which no doubt they would lose whether it be against detroit, the tribe, the angels, you guys or even by some miracle, the yanks.

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