Coherent Thoughts.

     Jayson Stark shows me what I already knew, but what a lot of others still do not know.  Wins and losses are an overrated stat, because they do not give an accurate viewing of a pitchers performance.  See below.


     Some of his examples this year are: 

         Johan Santana-  Still the best.  Haren may have pitched better so far, but I have a hard time believing that Haren is the better pitcher.  Because he isn’t. 

         Matt Cain-  This guy is awesome and I hope he proves it tonight against the Yankees.  Once Yankee fans see his his stuff, then everyone in the baseball world will know how good he is.  He dominated the Sox, only to fall victim, once again, to having maybe the worst offense in baseball. 

        Well, I do not feel bad for Gil Meche not having run support, for he knew what he was getting into. 

        Andy Pettite is 19th in the AL in run support among pitchers who have at least 60IP.  Johan is 33rd.  Meche is 52nd.  Matt Cain is 50th in the NL. 


     Speaking of Pettite, I came across that stat in the USA Today the other day and it was surprising to see that he has had so much run support.  In eight of his starts the Yankees have scored five or more funs in those games.  In seven of his starts the Yankees have scored fewer than five runs.  Pettite isn’t listed in Stark’s top 6 "CUS" leaders, which you will find in his article.  Dice-K actually is, but he has had a bunch of run support throughout the year to make up for that.  Pettite has had games where he loses close, low-scoring battles, but he has been privileged to have some where the Yankees offense disposes of their opponent rather quickly.  I guess it is based on expectations and the talent the team has,  when Yankee fans make these claims of him not having run support.  The Yankees shouldn’t really lose with Pettite on the mound it seems.  And I understand that, but if Pettite was in Meche’s postition it would be much worse.  And even though Pettite has a 4-4 record, he has been one of the top pitchers in the game thus far.  Once again showing voters at the end of the year that this "wins" stat is very overrated.  Is Pettite not a gamer?  I doubt that.  But if Pettite finished 13-13 with a 2.93 ERA at the end of the season, should he be out of the conversation for CY Young, assuming that the other pitchers have similiar numbers outside of wins/losses?  Heck no.  Pettite has had enough run support, but he has had leads blown on multiple occasions, and according to that article, he has been one of the unluckiest pitchers in the game.  I don’t think that anyone will question Pettite’s mentality when it comes to winning games, and big games for that matter. 


     Three tough games against a pretty good Padres team.  They have good pitching, but also play in a pitchers park.  I don’t how good this team really is though.  Put them in the AL and where would they be?  Peavy will be great no matter where he plays, but like Maddux at this point in his career, would be getting hit pretty well if he played in the AL I believe.  I believe they are pretty good, but nothing special.  And they may even sweep us this weekend, no one knows.  But we have some good pitchers going for us as well, which helps our cause. 


     I never gave props to Julian Tavarez for dominating the Braves and helping to complete back-to-back shutouts in Atlanta.  His ERA now looks respectable and he has done more than enough so far this season.


     JD Drew’s OPS by month:

            April:  .768

            May:   .552

            June:  .926 

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