Baserunners Galore.

     I am rather disappointed in Matt Cain tonight.  Not only because I thought he would pitch well against the Yankees, but because now a sweep could be in line.  Cain gave them their best chance to win.  And to go along with that he will someday be a great pitcher.  But now they get Matt Morris, who will probably get shelled tomorrow.  Then on Sunday Lowry pitches.  Lowry might give them a chance to win, but with the Giants offense it will be very tough. 

    On a brighter and more important note, the Red Sox won.  Dice-K allowed ten baserunners in six innings, walking five and giving up five base runners.  But he only gave up one earned and received the win.  He added nine strike outs too, which is always good.   




    just reading back to your allstar blog…

    how can you say that Big HGH starting at 1st is not a joke…first of all…the guy is a DH, not a 1st basemen…secondly…the best 1st basemen in the Al(not even mentioned in your blog) is Justin Morneau…remember him.??…06′ MVP..after Justin I would say that Youk is deseving, only because of Tex’s injury…other than BA, his numbers are better than Youk’s and he has been on the DL for 2 weeks….

    if you like Ortiz at first and Youk second at that position because your a Red Sox fan….just say that…don’t try and pass it off as real baseball argument….Big HGH is a DH…why try and pass him off as a 1st basemen when his own manager won’t

  2. PAUL

    Re Craig Biggio: While he probably doesn’t deserve to be playing regularly right now, it’s to the grander scheme of things that the Astros let him get his 3000th hit. Not only has he been a loyal player for them, taking much less money to remain in Houston than he would have gotten on the open market, but it’s a good recruiting tool for future free agents to have a history of loyalty on the part of both management and player. If a player sees that the Astros treated Biggio right, they’re more likely to take a few dollars less to join the Astros if money is not the most important factor in their decision of whom to play for. If you really want to get Mark Loretta in the lineup at one position, it should be at third at the expense of Morgan Ensberg and not Biggio.

  3. joseph

    Paul: They have been shifting around Loretta between different positions. The loyalty thing is fine for Biggio, but Loretta should have at least more at bats than Biggio.

    JD Crews: Yes, Justin Morneau is good, but just as Ortiz plays first when the Sox travel to NL parks I figure what is the difference? Is Justin Morneau’s defense worth the 132 percentage points of OPS that Ortiz has on him. Morneau won the MVP last year…if you dont remember. This is independent of one’s career, or should be anyway. And when I said,”and it isnt just between youk and Ortiz” I said it because I am a Red Sox fan and didnt want people to see much bias in my decisions. It wasn’t between just them two. As I mentioned Teixera and Kotchman. And by the way I am sorry that I let my Red Sox bias kick in, you know voting for one Red Sox player and two Yankees. Are you mad because I didn’t vote in Jeter? Believe me it was very, very close.


    so Ortiz has Morneau in BA and OPS…point out the stats you want to prove your point..Morneau plays for a team with less depth and has more RUNS, RBI’s and HR’s(a + 3,7,11 in each category)… stats more indicative of run producing than OPS…

    and furthermore…Ortiz has 17 AB at 1B….you really think that this guy is a first basemen??..then tel me honestly that he can play 1B for your team for more than half of the 162 and not hurt the Red Sox….if not…you are telling us what Francona tells us every night when Big HGH is slotted into the DH spot on the lineup card…HE CAN”T!!!…

    your a Red Sox fan…no big deal to just say that you want big HGH at first because you are a big fan…

    and it is crows..not crews…***??…JD will do fred

  5. joseph

    It isn’t because I am a Red Sox fan. If you really want to get into it, Ortiz has created 64 runs and Morneau and Youk have created 54 apiece in the “runs created” stat. Ortiz has an OPS of 1.096 with RISP, while Morneau’s is .731. I chose Ortiz because I felt he has done more than the others. Don’t say I chose him because I like him after I only took one Red Sox player. Nomar is still my favorite player and I didn’t select him, he isnt deserving of it at all.

  6. joseph

    Oh yeah, and I believe that both leagues should be uniform. Either both have DH’s or neither. I am not penalizing a player because of that. And if Hafner had better numbers than Ortiz does right now then I would have picked him. Ortiz also has 12 win shares vs. Morneau’s 8. And I do kind of regret not voting for Jeter the more I think about it, but I don’t think Guillen was that much of a stretch, it was very close.

  7. PAUL

    That OPS/OBP stuff is only valuable in a case like choosing Lugo over Gonzalez if you’re getting a guy cheaply for the production you’re going to get out of him. (Scott Hatteberg when he went to the A’s, for example.)The Red Sox are paying Lugo NINE MILLION DOLLARS. Epstein was overreaching and I find it hard to believe he wasn’t warned about both JD Drew and Lugo.

  8. joseph

    I was just throwing it out there because you mentioned his defense, which is far from “exceptional,” as I heard a Red Sox fan state the other day. I figured you could have thrown out those stats I left you to put more emphasis on him not being all that great on offense over his career. I mean based on what he has done in his career how much was he really worth? Maybe $6 million? That may even be generous. I never wanted Lugo to begin with, but he is better than this…he has got to be better than this. Mario Mendoza was better than this. Haha.

  9. PAUL

    REY ORDONEZ was better than this. At the very least, he made up for his pathetic and delusional batting style and results with perhaps the best shortstop glove work since Ozzie Smith. (Career wise, Omar Vizquel is better than Ordonez, but Ordonez did things with his glove I’ve never seen anyone do before or since, including the Wizard.)

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