Random Thoughts…

     -I need to come up with a better name for my "Random Thoughts" blogs.  It even gets boring to me, writing the same blog name over and over again.


     -How did "Dan Shaugnessy" get that job writing for the Globe?  Actually, how did he get considered?  I don’t have to listen to him that often, only on visits back to my "real" home, New Hampshire.  But I see him on Jim Rome on occasion, and have come across a few of his articles while browsing Buster Olney’s thoughts.  From what I see, he is not very good.  Bill Simmons is a much better writer, even though both of them display bias.  But they are asked to show that side of their writing.  If Simmons did not show any bias then his writing would probably suffer because it would not have ths same passion.  This does not apply to every writer, but it is how I view Simmons.  Neither of them are on "Baseball Tonight," trying for an objective opinion like Olney and Kruk "try" to do.    If Shaugnessy ever made an appearence on "Baseball Tonight," then I would discontinue my viewing of their programming.  And the thing is that being a Red Sox fan I can actually tolerate him slightly.  I can only imagine how much Yankee fans dislike him.

     -ESPN HD is definitely better than the regular ESPN, as I am finding out this morning.  If only there was a way of having "MLB Extra Innings" viewed in HD as well.  I know that DirecTV has two MLB games in high definition on a daily basis.  Couldn’t "Extra Innings" incorporate this feature also?  I mean what I care about is watching the games.  That is most important.  I am not complaining.  But I see digital cable’s satellite rival being a step ahead.  So I wonder why I cannot watch the Red Sox in HD on occasion, outside of ESPN. 

     -Was watching "Team America" last night on Comedy Central, the uncut version.  And even though I did not find the movie to be quite as funny as others did, there is one line that is great.  And not when Matt Damon says, "Matt Damon," which is funny as well.  It is when the main character says, "Alec Baldwin.  He is my hero.  The single greatest actor of all time"  That line was absolutely hilarious!


  1. jonathan

    Hey Joseph, this is the same jonathan that blogs red sox nation daily/ I will get your blog addded to my red sox roster tomm…i read yours everyday…good work so far/ keep it up we need everyday red sox bloggers to off-set the yankee bloggers

  2. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    i completely agree on the lack of high-def on extra innings (on cable) it’s a shame we have to wait for the games on FOX or ESPN with their terrible announcers. and BTW i think the NESN guys are first class

  3. miwil36@ny-yankees.net

    Remy is a riot. I remember a game a few weeks ago he was bored and he decided to read an ad sitting on the floor of the booth. He barely got it out he was laughing so hard. Speaking of announcers let’s not forget Mel “how about that” Allen who passed away on Father’s day 1996. His Years with the Yankees, and his TWIB show’s were fun to watch.

    Happy Father’s day to all who is one!

  4. joseph

    Yes, I do enjoy Remy. Just started a book by him called “Watching Baseball.” It is decent, but it would be a better read for someone who is younger, or just starting to watch baseball or something of that nature.

  5. Michael

    I actually think that the team of Remy and Arsello might be the best broadcasting duo in all of Major League Baseball.
    I am constantly engaged in Red Sox games that I happen to watch on NESN.

    They manage to be funny, entertaining, and informative at the same time.

    And unlike many home team broadcasters I think that Remy is very open minded and delivers refreshingly unbiased commentary that really makes the games that he broadcasts better.

  6. Michael

    I have a question for you Joseph as well as your Red Sox readers who frequent this blog.

    I am a Yankees fan who lives in Texas and while I have a knowledge and a appreciation for the Red Sox media coverage in Boston and the Yankees media coverage in New York — I am not immersed in it on a daily basis.

    I do, however, have friends who are Yankees fans that live in New York and Red Sox fans that live in Boston and we communicate regularly via e-mail and telephone.

    One question that I have always wondered about is Dan Shaugnessy.

    If you are an out of market fan and do not live in New England you might get the idea that Dan Shaugnessy is the summarily elected spokes person for the Boston Red Sox and their fans via the newsprint media.

    I mean, every time the Red Sox are featured on a nationally televised sports program they always bring on Shaugnessy to speak on the team and the state of affairs with the team and the fans.

    And yet, it appears that he has a contentious relationship between himself and a few of the more beloved Boston sports icons.

    I have read articles about his negative relationship with Curt Schilling and have heard little things here and there where Wade Boggs and Larry Bird took issue with some of his columns and reporting.

    And every time I meet a well thinking and interesting Red Sox fan, they love their team and seem to be intelligent, passionate, and well informed …

    And for the most part they don’t like Dan Shaugnessy.

    Yet, anytime you see the national sports media with the idea to do a story on the Red Sox or Red Sox nation (and Shaugnessy seems proud to call that nick name a brain child) they have a camera and a mic for Dan.

    If you were a youngster — you might think that not only was he the face of the team and the team’s fans but that he was the only sports writer in New England.

    So, my question is this…

    If he is so unpopular why is he always trotted out there?

    Why is he allowed to speak for the whole of New England sports fans?

    Why don’t they interview somebody else?

    Why not Remy?

    Everybody likes him?


  7. joseph

    I have no idea why they use Shaugnessy so much. But he is not our representative by any means. I live in Orlando now, so I dont have to hear him as much as, say my Dad does. And my Dad dislikes him a lot. From what I see on Shaugnessy, is that they just grabbed a sterotypical Red Sox fan off the street and threw him into the limelight. He is not that good from what I see. I do not usually agree with his opinion, even though we cheer for the same team. He lets his heart screw with his logic, if he has any logic of sports to begin with. But I don’t read his globe articles much, because I mainly read ESPN. What I have read from him isnt even that good from a writing standpoint as I see it. Put it this way, I havent met anyone who likes him.

  8. Michael

    thanks for that answer Joseph.
    All the people that I talk to seem to feel the same way and I wonder how he maintains a job at the Globe.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are many idle minded Yankees fans and journalists as there are for the Red Sox and other teams as well.

    There are many times that I see fans and bloggers who I hate to have represent me as a Yankees fan.

    I just wondered how this particular one seemed to have gotten to loom so large over the national media.

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