Scared of a collapse?

     I am not scared of a collapse.  Some Red Sox fans seem to be, and some Yankee fans have referenced this.  I look at these situations as a team never being down and out until they are basically mathematically eliminated.  When I am playing sports I am thinking the same way.  That "never give up" attitude.  If I am playing basketball, which I do quite often, I do not just give up when it is 10-4 and the game is to 11.  I never give up, because what does that solve.  It solves the outcome, which is defeat. 

     So I have to look at it from both sides.  If we or I am up big, dont just coast.  Keep pouring it on.  If I am up 10-4.  Finish the team off.  Just like the Red Sox must do to the Yankees, finish them off.   You have to end their season yourselves, it is the easiest way because it is all you can control.  I believe in this team.  I believe they are very talented and have great chemistry.  We don’t have guys like Jose Guillen or AROD throwing temper tantrums and playing "slightly" dirty.  Sidenote:  Even if Arod’s antics are miniscule, they become magnified around baseball and become distractions for the Yankees.  We do have JD Drew who looked afraid of the wall last night on a Sizemore home run.  But we have great chemistry, great talent. 

      WIth all the rambling, my point is:  This team can win the division and the World Series and I believe that they can win 100+ games and win in the playoffs, kind of how the White Sox did in 05′ (speaking only of the playoffs in this reference, as the Chi-Sox almost lost the division).  But I am also not counting out the Yankees, or more realistically as of now; the Indians, Tigers, or Angels.  Do I feel we are the best team right now?  Yes.  But it is a long season and we have to let it play out all the way.  Red Sox teams of the past do not represent this team!



    You know, I wonder if there are any stats on ‘random starter collapse syndrome’. I swear, every few starts a perfectly good starter will just have a horrible day. (With better pitchers having longer cycles). Not just Sox pitchers either, but pretty much all of them. It’s odd.

  2. joseph

    I mean somedays guys just dont have it, or maybe the hitters are just locked in on a particular day, or maybe both happen on the same day. And without a salary cap some of these lineups are pretty darn potent, Yankees, etc. So on a day that a Halladay or Santana might give up 3ER in 7 innings to the Royals, the Yankees could score 5 in 6IP if they were to play them.

  3. Taylor

    No, i am not worried. The best thing to do is enjoy this time while it lasts. Don’t stress over events in the past. It’s unhealthy.

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