Beckett dominant too!

     Before last year I said that Beckett was an "Ace."  People mocked me for that and I don’t blame them.  He was garbage last year.  But this year I think their opinion is changing.  He must do it for a full season to be considered an ace.  A pretty good start, don’t ya think?  8-0.  And just watching him you know it isn’t a fluke.  He has everything going for him and has been among the 5 best pitchers in the game so far.  His Era is 2.65.  He is hitting his spots.  And those curve balls are devestating hitters, he dint have anything near that kind of consistency in his breaking ball last year.

     Kevin Youkilis is awesome right now.  He is a perfect example of what the Yankees are missing this year.  Someone who is playing great and has a vast amount of energy and intensity.  And it does help that he is producing I would think.  Some of the players might not take a guy like that very seriously if he were hitting .230 and playing poorly.  It also helps that we have more than one guy like that.

    This team is playing way above everyone else right now.

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