13.5 game lead

     The rearviewmirror actually consists of the Blue Jays and the Orioles now.  But we all know that the Yankees are still the second best team in the division.  But they are 13.5 games back and continue to struggle. 

     JD Drew.  Three straight games with an RBI.  Drew reached base three of his four times at the plate, and had an RBI on a 2-strike count against the left hander Cliff Lee.  We won without Ortiz too!

     Kevin Youkilis is on fire!  Amazing, in baseball terms, what he is doing during this 20 game hit streak.  He had an inside the park home run to go along with a double.  Pedroia had three hits.

     …Almost forgot.  Schilling was absolutley dominant.  His fastball was clocked at 94 near the end of his outing.  His splitter was dominant too. 

     Speaking of dominant…Beckett is back.  So far he has been incredible.  And hopefully he can continue what he had been doing thus far tomorrow night. 

     Once again we are going to throw the same three pitchers we threw in the previous series against the Yankees;  Wakefield, Tavarez, and Schilling. 

     The Red Sox continue to play inspired baseball, great baseball.  We have done it without Lester, and now without Beckett the past few weeks.  This team has everything going right now.

One comment

  1. peter1210@sbcglobal.net

    This ’07 season so far has showcased the deepness that is our Red Sox team. I just read your comment on this Tuesday morning on Jonathon’s blog, and if you want to exchange links, let me know. I’ll leave you my blog link, and you can email me if you’d like, right from my profile at my blog.
    GO SOX!!! Again and again and…..well, you know what I mean! Here’s the link to my blog.. Peter’s Red Sox Forever


    Joseph, thanks!!!!!! Let me know.. And……GO JOSH!

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