Zito on Bonds

Actually just read an article I found by Barry Zito on Barry Bonds.


Now this is what I mean.  I mentioned it about Clemens.  I don’t like what I see, but we don’t see everything, or even close to half, of what a person is all about. So we have an opinion of all these guys, but we really know little about them.  Now after reading this article, I am not saying that Bonds is a good guy by any means.  It is just that Zito seems to think highly of him.  And that is better than no one thinking highly of him, right?  So maybe he is learning a little about life.  Better late than never (cliche,’ my apologies). 

One comment

  1. SomeBallyard

    I have that article earmarked for a future post, because you are absolutely write. Bonds whizzed in the press’s Cheerios. So we see what THEY want us to see–and only that. Anybody fool enough to think what they read is reality deserves what they get, which is a pouting reality. Zito is there, and he’s going to celebrate something we may never see again in our lifetime. So am I.

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