Which reminds me…

     If you’re drowning in a river and there are three people standing on the rivers edge. Which one would you feel confident would help you:  Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, or Barry Bonds? 

     Pete Rose might pop some amphetamines and swim as fast as possible in order to save you, but then head in another direction because there was some mischief he could partake in.  Ty Cobb would probably steal a rock from the river bed and run off for no apparent reason.  Bonds would probably juice up while popping amphetamines and then start doing pushups.  Then when the authorities asked what happened, they would all lie, or blame it on one of the others.  Point is I would be screwed!


One comment

  1. mhamacher@vr-web.de

    I don’t know who to trust more, Pete Rose or Ty Cobb, but I know for sure not to trust Barry Bonds. It hurts me to see him closing on the all time home run record and I would like to have a big banner placed at the Giants Ballpark saying: “Congrats Barry! Hank did it without steroids!”

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