Thoughts about random stuff…again

     Dice-K rolling up to the hill tonight to hopefully throw the lights out of the ball.  He is pitching great of late.  We face B-Mac.  The young 26 year old (I Think), who is pitching well of late also. 

I enjoy that Steinbrenner is placing more of the blame on Cashman in this article, ,rather than Torre.  Now I believe Torre has been overrated throughout his career to an extent.  From what I have seen he is a good manager, but not great.  I believe other managers could have done what he did.  But I also don’t believe that all of that winning was strictly because of the players he had.  He deserves some credit, but sometimes he gets more than he should.  Now he is getting more criticism than he deserves. 

    And Cashman on Pavano from Olney’s blog:

     "Talked with Brian Cashman Thursday, and he thinks that Carl Pavano — probably the least productive free agent signing, dollar-for-results, of any player in club history — got an unwarranted rap as someone who wouldn’t play hurt. "In every instance, when he felt he had a problem, it turned out he was hurt," Cashman said. "He’s got a torn ligament in his elbow now; he can’t pitch. When he was out with a back problem, one of the foremost back specialists in the country did the work on him and said he was hurt. When he was out with a bone spur, [noted surgeon] James Andrews told me that the spur was the size of a marble. It hasn’t worked out the way we wanted [with Pavano], but he has worked hard to come back [from his injuries], and the bottom line is, he’s hurt. And there’s nothing he can do about that."

     I try and read most ESPN chats, usually after they are finished.  Sometimes if I am around I try and take part in them.  This question was posted in a Jerry Crasnick chat earlier today:

JB (Dallas): Are Ellsbury and Bucholz a reasonable offer from Boston for Teixeira…?

SportsNation Jerry Crasnick: JB,

I’m sure Texas would love it. But there’s no way the Red Sox package Ellsbury and Buchholz in the same deal for a guy approaching free agency. And in case you haven’t noticed, Kevin Youkilis is doing just fine at first base."

     Is this a joke?  No way we trade a young CF with star potential along with a young pitcher with ace potential, for a guy we can sign as a free agent.  Plus, Youk is sufficient, and even more than that if he continues to play this way.

     In a follow up to Stark’s most overrated list, he now has his most underrated list.  The guy I disagree most with is the Hanley Ramirez one.  It is only his second year and he seems to be overshadowed by Reyes even though they are very similiar in production.  But outside of that comparison he doesn’t seem to be underrated.  He has a lot of talent and is producing.  Anyone who knows baseball knows this.  And Rob Neyer and have made this clear in the past few weeks.  They mention him all the time in regards to the Beckett trade on BBTonight.  I don’t think he has enough of a track record to be truly "rated." 

     MLB should implement an electoral college for the all star voting. 

     I havent had a drink in roughly 500 days. 

     Even as Bonds struggles to hit home runs, he is still helping his team with the best OBP in baseball.  At .503.  And he also carries the best OPS in the NL.  One of the few guys that can help his team while his average declines. 

     Go Red Sox!



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