Alex Rodriguez

     Alex Rodriguez has proved to everyone, including the writers/voters, that the MVP should go to the best player and not just the best player on a contending team.  There is no doubt that Rodriguez was the best player this month.  He demolished everyone statistically and had two walk-off home runs for good measure.  He was no question the MVP for this month. 

     So if Rodriguez maintained this production all season long, but the Yankees still could not win games.  Can you blame AROD?  No.  They are 9-14 and in last place.  But it wasn’t his fault.  It was mostly due to injuries and poor pitching, mainly the bullpen.  Now in defense of the bullpen, the starters could not go deep in games,  which in turn put all the pressure on the pen.  But once again it was not ARod’s fault.

     He had the greatest performance I have ever witnessed in a month.  He was the MVP.  So I believe it proves the point that one player cannot carry a team.  This is a team that had an exceptional offense, even with some stuggles from a few individuals.  It also proves that no matter how good an offense (keeping it realistic) a team can not win without reliable pitching.  So when the writers cast their ballots, look at all the players.  This isn’t basketball where a player can affect every single play on the court.  This is a sport where a batter is 1/9th of a lineup.  And 1/9th of a defense.  Now if they are great or play premium positions they mean more.  But nevertheless, voters must look deeply at all players not just players on contending teams.   


  1. Steve

    Ah, but keep in mind that A-Rod won the MVP for the Rangers and that team finished in last place.

    I think the Yankees state points directly at their pitching woes. They have scored plenty of runs.

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