16-8 Now

     I was not overly confident about Tavarez against the best lineup in baseball.  I wasnt even mildly confident.  Confidence really didn’t even see daylight inside my thoughts. What I see from Tavarez?  He would be an effective spot starter, which is effectively what he is right now.  A guy that can hang around the bullpen.  Pitch well less often than he pitches poorly.  But make decent starts when you need him to.  Unfortunately, we have two guys who can do this.  The other is Snyder.  So when Lester comes back we will have to make some personnel changes outside of the obvious one, Lester into the rotation.  But Tavarez can look like a good pitcher at times.  He has a lot of movement on his pitches.  Sometimes he leaves pitches up though, and pays.  And today as we saw he got into trouble, because he was wild. 

     But Manny finally had a few hits.  Ortiz went DEEP.  Alex Cora went deep. 

     Lugo looked pathetic on defense.  Hinske didn’t look good, replacing Drew who hasn’t looked good either, of recent. 

     But Boston won.  And they ran away with the division…in April.  There is a lot of baseball left to be played.  But Manny has been terrible.  He is going to catch fire eventually, it is almost inevitable.  I like what I have seen from Drew, but know that he can do more.  Youkilis is hovering around .400 in his OBP.  He may be closer to this then people think he can be.  Last year his OBP was at .381.  He can possibly improve on that a little and get up near .400, or keep it there I mean.  There is still room for improvement from this team.  The starters have the talent to be dominant (as they have been) as we all know.  The bullpen has maybe overachieved a little, but maybe they haven’t.  Maybe Okajima (dont feel like looking the spelling up) is this good.  Papelbon as we know IS this good.  The others I am still skeptical of.  But we lead the division.  And that is what matters.      



  1. jonathan

    it is early…however I’ll take it…we have proved early our pitching can go toe to toe with the best hitting line-up in the majors…and we have done all this with manny and the bottom of the line-up stinking…hopefully may is more of the same


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