Red Sox fans!

     Red Sox fans are vastly outnumbered on Mlblogs.  I peruse several different Yankee bloggers daily, as they are all updated shortly after a Yankee game has completed.  Actually, some are posted before the games completion (Boogie…).  One of the Sox bloggers that was here when I began decided to take his business elsewhere.  Now there are none to share my opinions with.  None that take part in commenting, none that I have seen anyway.  There are a few but they don’t really seem as obsessed over this site as I am.  It would be nice to have a Sox fan match my enthusiasm as a blogger.  I know there is a blogger in New Zealand that posts I believe after I go to sleep here in the states.  But really, the Red Sox are a nation I thought.  Not much of a nation on this site.  Makes me feel like because there are a lack of Sox fans taking part in something as fulfilling as this site can be at times, that we are not quite as passionate as Yankees fans.  Just the way I feel I guess.  I enjoy reading the Yankees bloggers, I really do.  But someone stand up, take charge.  Discuss with me, the Red Sox.  I have mentioned in the past that I would rather talk baseball as a whole.  Statistics and such.  But no one seems like they want to do much of that either.  So I revert back to the Sox.  Or the Yankees.  Because those are the two teams I care most about.  One like a kitten wrapped inside my curled arms.  Another like an evil dictatorship trying to overtake the world.  But really, I know there are Sox bloggers out there.  So show yourselves!


  1. Steve

    You’ve got one right here. The Sox are rolling, all’s well. Yankees fans are united in their commiseration right now. They’ve got great passion for their team and they are probably commenting more now than ever, simply because they’re trying to find some sort of comfort in knowing that the team on the field right now can’t possibly be this pathetic. And they’re right, by the way. They’ll get better eventually. But will it be enough to carry them into the post-season? That’s the question.



    Hey, dude. Maybe nobody can find you because you didn’t put Red Sox in your blog name. Coffee and baseball? What’s that?

    Good Sox fans don’t whine about stuff like this. Leave the crying to the MFY fans. They’re doing a lot of it lately.

  3. joseph

    Is this whining? Or trying to find Red Sox fans? And I didn’t want to put Red Sox in my blog because originally I wanted to talk “baseball” and still do. Not just the Red Sox. But maybe it is just me who will click on every blog, no matter what the name is. And I admit I skim very quickly if the blog pertains to a team that I do not take much interest in.

  4. Jason

    You might attract Red Sox fans by adding your blog to different links, like Top 100 baseball links, etc. If you go to my site, you’ll see a bunch of banners for sites I registered on. I also found that you can get some by posting on non-MLBlogs blogs or in fan forums, and leave your web address. They’ll come.


  5. Jason

    Also, I added your link tom”see what the other side thinks” section so that might help also.

    And Gary’s point is somehwta valid. By looking at the name alone you wouldn’t know this was a Sox blog. i originally titled my blog “Baseball & The Boogie Down.” I added the Bronx b/c I started to think maybe people didn’t know the phrase “Boogie Down.” Also, I found that the comments left were slow at first.


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