Ready for tonight

     I am ready for this series.  The Baltimore and Toronto games have been rather boring in comparison.  So here it is again.  The best rivalry in sports, fueled in part by money, but mostly throught the passion of the fans.   

"What I don’t understand is why [Cashman] isn’t spending that money," said one executive. "Tell you what, I wish I had $200 million, because I’d sure as **** spend it. Why not?"   -Bob Klapsich article from ESPN



  1. Baseball

    I agree with you BUT this rivalry is NOT fueled by the money. The rivalry existed long before it and will long after. However, i would argue that the money increase is due to the rivalry. When one team spends high to get the player, the other reacts!

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  2. joseph

    Yes, but since the two teams are always competing it increases the intensity of the rivalry slightly. Without money the rivalry may not be as intense because one team may be at the bottom of the division and the other in maybe 3rd place. The passion would be there, but not quite as heated and some of the casual fans would disappear as well. A lot of Red Sox and Yankee “fans” are only around because they always win. As with every other team. Some of the fans jump on simply because the Sox hadnt won the series in so long. This is pre-2004 of course. It still might be the best rivalry in sports, but now it is way ahead in my opinion (bias).

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