Bill Simmons

     Excerpt from Bill Simmons most recent Red Sox post referring to Sox-Yanks series:  "Maybe Dice wasn’t dominating (seven innings, six earned runs) Sunday night, but he plunked A-Rod and Jeter and exposed a recent Yankee weakness from the past few seasons: You can throw inside on their guys, nail them with pitches, hit them two or three times in the same game and they never seem to retaliate because of Torre’s whole "we’re classier than that" mantra. Along those same lines, who are the loose cannons on this particular Yankees team? It’s a passionless group, isn’t it? Torre, Mattingly, Jeter, Rivera, Abreu, Giambi, Pettitte, Posada, Mussina, Wang, Damon, Proctor, Igawa, all the glassy-eyed pitchers and no-name bench guys … where’s the fire? Who’s kicking over chairs in the clubhouse after a sweep? Who’s screaming at Dice from the dugout after his second HBP? It’s a soft team. It really is. They might need to triple Kyle Farnsworth’s caffeine intake before next weekend."


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  1. PAUL

    The Yankees under Torre have never been pushed around on the field. That was a main criticism I had for the Mets under Bobby Valentine in that they never seemed to retaliate when the opposing pitcher was throwing at them. This Yankees team is missing guys like Paul O’Neill and Joe Girardi who lose their tempers, but Posada’s feisty and Pettitte is Roger Clemens’s protege, so I wouldn’t be worried about him brushing someone back if necessary.

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