Brewers fans!

I will tell you what!  There seem to be a fair share of Brewers fans on  I don’t know that I can recall ever meeting a real life Brewers fan.  I definitely never knew one well.  I mean I guess I have walked past someone wearing a Brewers cap or something along those lines.  I am glad they have a lot of hope this year, they have some talent to go along with that hope too.  But if nothing else after the season I will know everything there is about the Brewers even if I watch only 4 or 5 innings of their actual games.

Anyway, does anyone read my blogs?  I make sure I leave a comment on almost everyone’s blog, except for "Baseball Cleats."  Just to let the other bloggers know that I read their blogs and to get them to check out my page if they would like to. 

My page is more broad than most.  I like to cover more of baseball rather than focus on my particular team which happens to be the Red Sox.  This may change a little once the season begins and I start watching the games.  I prefer to talk about the greatest players of all time.  Who the best pitcher was.  Is Derek Jeter actually good on defense?  I love that topic.  What would Tejada do if he batted number two in the Yankees lineup?  What about if Jason Bay played on the Yankees or Red Sox?  Or Carl Crawford?  Maybe these guys could be MVP’s.  Pedro the best ever?  I don’t think anyone has been better at least.  Why are people so enthralled with legends when the game has evolved so much?  Doesn’t it make sense that there are more good and great players now then their were then in 1920?  Would Honus Wagner actually be about the same as Adam Everett if he played in today’s game?  That one is according to Baseball Prospectus.  Would Babe Ruth actually hit 104 home runs?  **** no.  And because of "West coast fan, east coast knowledge," or "Coral as some know her, who was better in 41′?  Williams or Dimaggio?  Should a pitcher win an MVP?  Pedro should have in 99′.  So I think so.  Should a player on a team that doesnt make the playoffs be considered for MVP?  Yes.  We all have played sports right?  I am sure we all have been on crappy teams whether it was a pickup game of basketball or whatever!  We can only do so much as one person.  These are team games, some more so than others but any game that has teams is a team game. 

So read my blogs and lets debate because baseball may be the only thing I am passionate about, other than the band Tool of course!


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    “You’re only as good as the team you play on.” Jeter is “Torre’s boy”. If you are told every day of your life that you are great then you believe that you are. On the other hand, if you’re told every day of your life that you are worthless, I can see where you would think that way, too. People can say what they want to about A Rod but he did not get 2 MVP’s and 25 mil a year for being worthless. He got so beat down last year by his own fans that he might have started to believe that he was done. I dont know…but the mind can wreak havoc on us. Nolan Ryan was awesome, but can you imagine what he would make in today’s game? Pedro is awesome, does he really make what he is worth? Mariano is awesome, but so was Eckersly. As long as there are Red Sox and Yankee fans, which would be you and I, there will always be plenty to talk about in baseball. The only thing I know for sure is… Giambi DOES NOT need to be called Giambino. That’s WRONG !!!

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