Incorporating stolen bases into total bases?

I do not know if this could work, but it is worth a try.  Could we incorporate stolen bases into total bases, which would ultimately effect a player’s slugging percentage?  A base is a base right?  If a guy gets a hit, and steals a base with no one out, it isnt much different than a double.  So could we add stolen bases to total bases and subtract "times caught stealing by number of bags he had gained since being up to bat?"  For example if you did this with Jose Reyes last year:

                                 315 total bases + 64 stolen bases=379, then subtract

                                 how many bags he already secured before being caught stealing (he was caught 17 times).

this would raise his slugging some.  If Reyes doubled then was caught stealing third then we would subtract two bases from his "total bases," because he effectively lost the two bases he had.  If he singled then was caught stealing, you would subtract the one base he already had. If we stole second then you would add one base.

Does this make sense at all?  I am interested to hear your responses.  It is just so hard to justify stolen bases.  Bill James himself questions how important a stolen base is.

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