What one player would you take?

If you had the opportunity to take any one player to build a team around then who would you pick?  Imagine it set up like a fantasy draft in a video game where all of the players are thrown into one pool and your team gets first pick.  I like to think about these questions a lot.  You would have to go with someone fairly young.  I would choose Johan.  My philosophy would be to build around pitching, and he is the best…and only 27.  I know it is more risky to take a pitcher because he is more likely to have to be shut down due to injury, but I would still make the move.  Leave me your thoughts on the subject!


  1. Lisa

    Hands down…Albert Pujols. The guy is already a monster and really only hitting his stride. While I think you need an ace to be successful, I don’t think you can build a team around one, mainly because they only play every five days.

  2. joseph

    Believe me Pujols was second. There is another way to look at the every 5 days thing. Santana throws more pitches than Pujols sees throughout the course of a year. So he has a direct effect on more pitches. I know one has to take into account defense and being on the field, but the pitcher is still in the dugout the other 4 days and he can still be a lift for his teammates.

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