Another thing some stat experts do not think exist.  How could they not.  Human nature is part of the game, because humas play it.  We are not stat lines. I wait tables for a living and if I worked around a bunch of pessimistic, egotistical servers than I simply would not want to be there as much, and my performance would ultimately suffer.  On the other hand, if I worked around a bunch of bubbley, good hearted people who always carried smiles on their face it would make work more bearable/enjoyable and my performance would be better.  I am not saying that everyone is the same way.  But I would think the majority of people are.  So why shoudn’t Darren Erstad have received a little mor epay because of his intangibles.  If he was in fact as good a clubhouse guy than why did some criticize him as being the most overpaid player in the game.  I guess one can’t put a price on human emotion, but if a GM thinks it is helping his team, then why not?  Jeter is a leader.  Ortiz is a fun loving guy.  These qualities, in my opinion, have to boost his teammates performance at least a little bit.  We have to put aside OBP and WHIP for a second and focus on the human aspect of the game.  So yes, I believe in intangibles, they may be why Bonds never won a ring.

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